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"Our Frasier Remake" out Oct 11!

Collaborative animation project with over 100 artists

The latest big news is that I participated in Our Frasier Remake — one of those cool things where a bunch of different people remake something in chunks. Sort of like if Our Robocop Remake had a baby with Shrek Retold but (and this part is important!) with the Season 1 finale of "Frasier", which is btw a really great show, it holds up a lot better than most shows of that era, I think.

UM ANYWAY, the point is that it premieres October 11 and you can see the whole thing then at the YouTube channel and there's already some previews and other fun stuff there. There are also a couple of live screenings happening in the week before the premiere, you can read more at their website:

In the meantime, here's some stills from my section of the project!

It's Low Key Spooky Season Again!! Almost!

That chill in the air means it's time to revisit Halloween 2022 and the hit song that's creeping the nation.

Written by me (Ian Rickert-Dellios) and performed by "Eekin' Ian Rictus and the Deadly Ghosts" (also me) — download it for your spookiest playlist!

There's an animated video by the incomparable Jeff Kuykendall.

This was originally part of the Dadurday Light 2022 Halloween Special Part Two.

Dadurday Light season 2 DVD out now!

The real, sometimes animated, intentionally and unintentionally confusing series of shorts is the late-night public access TV show you never thought you needed and you maybe don't.

Get your copy today! If you know the right people!

What is this Dadurday Light you keep saying?

Dadurday Light is a recurring pre-taped video segment of "Dadurday Night Live", a weekly live improv show put in San Antonio by the group My 4 Dads. Executive produced by Jimmy Hughes and Jeff Kuykendall, I wrote, performed, and produced video and music for many of the show's 30+ extant episodes.

The entirety of Dadurday Light is available on YouTube.

and they are all lots of fun, especially the holiday specials. Although someone seems to have added a guitar instruction video to the playlist, ha, idk what that is, maybe it's funny.There should be more on the website about DL. But for right now, since this is "my" website about "me" let me focus on two that I was "in charge" of:

"Scramble Deggs" aka "Guliz Frasier"

Pretty wild that there's TWO cartoons about Frasier on this page. This was part of a four-part story (part 1)(part 2)(part 4) based on the unpopular "Dragonriders of the River Styx" toys from the early '80s.

After Guliz, the evil ogre, is hit with an Empathy Curse, he moves back to his hometown of Seattle and takes a job as a radio call-in psychiatrist; however, he can't seem to find anywhere peaceful to read his book!

The Dadurday Light THXGiving Special MMXXII

Todderick Turkey hosts. Mung the puppet interviews live turkeys about their thoughts on the holiday. Elsewhere, the McNeff Triplets search for the King of Thanksgiving, the who holds the key to saving their claymation Thanksgiving special.

Hear is some music (get it?)

I'm sure I'll change that later. Probably. Well ok there's lots of stuff I should probably link to and I'll add that at some point but: Here's three albums from bands that are "my" bands (like, where I'm writing the songs and stuff)